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Cricket Poland - playing and doing our bit to raise the profile of the sport of cricket in Poland

 We are a small group of Polish cricket enthusiasts who have been playing cricket on a fairly regular basis since 2003. We play our cricket close to the Polish / German border in the province of Lubuskie in the far west of Poland. However, due primarily to a shortage of equipment and suitable outdoor surfaces and facilities we play mostly indoor cricket. This is in large indoor sports halls designed for and used primarily for basketball in and around the city of Gorzow. We also play a fair bit of 'single wicket' cricket anywhere and everywhere we can. This though is as we sometimes struggle to find enough players to play proper team cricket!

As well as playing our own cricket we hope in the longer term to develop an interest in cricket among the young of our part of Poland, and currently list among our merry band of cricketers: one 'Level 1' ICC cricket coach, fourteen qualified ICC / ECC 'Introductory' level coaches, and an ICC qualified umpire. All except one of these coaches and umpires was born and bred in Poland! Those of us who are trained up try and promote kwik-cricket to primary schools and youth groups throughout this part of Poland. Our hope is that the youngsters we introduce to the game will go on to play the full version of cricket in later years. This isn't as easy as it  may seem given that very few people have any real idea what the sport of cricket is ...

If you have a cricket team which might be interested in coming to Poland to play indoor cricket, against our enthusiastic team of Polish cricketers, or help in showing Polish youngsters the game, please get in touch.

As far as we are aware and since our own amalgamation with Polonia Cricket Club there is only one other reasonably active cricket club in Poland - the largely expat Pakistani/Indian Warsaw Cricket Club. But we are probably the best, most active, and genuinely Polish cricket team in Poland!

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Last page update: May 2009